Award winning Walnut and Coffee bean to bar chocolate spread

7,50 incl. BTW


Bronze award winning chocolate spread Academy of chocolate 2023!
Walnut and Coffee chocolate spread made with single origin white chocolate made with cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic and delicious coffee beans from the Dominican Republic.

Ingredients: Walnuts (USA, CA), sugar (NL), milk powder (NL), bean to bar white chocolate (37% cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar), cocoa butter (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), coffee beans (Dominican Republic Jarabacoa), Maldon sea salt (UK).

Cocoa information

Cocoa Origin: Domincan Republic Oko Caribe (Duarten, North East of Domincan Republic). Region San Francisco de Marcoris

Harvest year: 2023

Type: Social enterprise

Average farm size: 2Ha

Certification: Organic


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