Pure Chocolate 68% Venezuela with Raspberry, Nibs and Chili Pepper

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Pure Chocolate 68% Venezuela with Rasberry, Nibs and Chili Pepper
The beautiful, floral, delicate cocoa beans from Venezuela, Sur Del Lago; what an absolute treat. I really had to think twice about adding an inclusion to this bar, it is so incredibly fruity and a real experience to taste that it seemed almost a crime to put anything else into it. My thinking process with this bar developed during the conching; what will this pair well with?…. a little bit of freeze dried raspberry is going to be explosive, let’s ignite it some more with those chili peppers from our allotment (there are some HOT! chili peppers in that mix!)… it took a few attempts to get the balance of how I liked it. The final touch was the cocoa nibs, nice and chunky, crunchy nibs from the same bean. I’m so happy with the result, I hope your are too!


Cocoa information

Cocoa Origin: Venezuela, Sur Del Lago


Ingredients: Cocoa beans (Venezuela), cocoa butter (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), sugar (NL), freeze dried raspberries, cocoa nibs (Venezuela), chili peppers (our allotment). Allergy information; made in an area where allergens are present, may contain traces of allergens.

Ingrediënten: Cacao bonen (Venezuela), cacao boter (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), suiker (NL), gevriesdroogde frambozen, cacao nibs, chili pepers van onze moestion.

Allergie informatie: Gemaakt in een omgeving waar allergenen zijn. Kan sporen van andere allergenen bevatten.

Bar size 50g



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