Pure Chocolate 63% Colombia 100g

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Let me take you on a short walk through my ever so expanding journey into the world of chocolate and on making this particular bar…
The beans come from a supplier who specialize only in Colombian cocoa which is sustainably sourced, traceable and recognized as fine flavour cocoa by the International Cocoa Organization. The beans come from the northern region of the Sierra Nevada, an isolated mountain range located 42 kilometers from the Caribbean Sea. I can just picture myself there now, it sounds like paradise. Anyway, onto making the chocolate…
…On opening the bag of cocoa beans I could feel immediately that we are in for a treat; the beans are beautiful and the smell is delightful and sweet, like vanilla chocolate. I have to decide how best to roast them and after that I always let them rest for 24 hours. I don’t know why, it just feels right. Sometimes you just have to follow that feeling.
After the roast I can taste hints of lemon and pineapple in the beans, just beautiful. For this reason I decided this has to be a pure bar, nothing but sugar added to it to mellow the bitter tones and enhance the delicate flavours. This, my friends, is my pure chocolate Colombia 63% bar. I love it, and I hope you do too!


Cocoa information

Cocoa Origin: Colombia (Arhuaco, Sierra Nevada)

Variety: Bunci

Fermentation: 7 days

Drying: 5 days


Ingredients: Cocoa beans (Colombia), cocoa butter (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), sugar (NL),

Ingrediënten: Cacao bonen (Colombia), cacao boter (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), suiker (NL).

Allergie informatie: Gemaakt in een omgeving waar allergenen zijn. Kan sporen van andere allergenen bevatten.

Bar size 50g



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