Pure Chocolate 61% Ecuador (single origin) 100g

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Pure chocolate made with 61% cocoa from Ecuador, Nacional Arriba. Delicious bean to bar chocolate made only with cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and sugar. 100g bar.


What a delightful choice of chocolate we have here indeed!

All chocolate at Faraway Garden is handmade in teeny tiny batches in Hellevoetsluis, often with around 10 bars of chocolate made in each batch.

This particular chocolate is made from cocoa beans from the Cotopaxi province in heart of Ecuador. The farm, 45 farmers strong, specializes in cultivating the exceptional Arriba Nacional cocoa variety. Its soil is rich with minerals and nutrients due to its location near to Latin Americas most active volcano making it ideal for cocoa cultivation.

The beans are fermented and dried on location then shipped off to suppliers and makers around the world.

Once I receive the beans I roast, winnow (remove husk) and conch (grind) them. I conch the beans for 1-3 days in a stone grinder. Still with me on this? I know, its sounds like a lot! I’m so happy to explain this process on market days so please pop by for a chat you are most welcome!

Cocoa information:

Harvest Year: 2003

Region: Quevedo, Cotopaxi

Type: Social Enterprize

Ave Farm Size: 191 Ha

Certification: Organic and UTZ

Ingredients: Cocoa beans (Ecuador Nacional Arriba), cocoa butter (Ecuador),  sugar (NL).

Allergy Information: Made in and area where allergens are present, may contain traces of other allergens.

Ingrediënten: Cacao bonen (Ecuador), cacao boter (Ecuador), suiker (NL). Allergie informatie: Wordt verwerkt in een omgeving waar allergenen aanwezig zijn. Kan sporen van allergenen bevatten.


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