Pure Chocolate 60% cocoa Domincan Republic single origin with Champagne Beer 50g

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Bean to bar chocolate made with 60% single origin Dominican Republic Öko Caribe cocoa. Infused with Gooische Bubbels blond beer which is characterised with champagne yeast,  a delightful bubbly beer!


Cocoa information

Cocoa Origin: Domincan Republic Oko Caribe (Duarten, North East of Domincan Republic). Region San Francisco de Marcoris

Harvest year: 2023

Type: Social enterprise

Average farm size: 2Ha

Certification: Organic


Ingredients: Cocoa beans (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), cocoa butter (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), sugar (NL), blond beer (water, barley malt, sugar, hop, champagne yeast)

Ingrediënten: Cacao bonen (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), cacao boter (Dominican Republic Oko Caribe), suiker (nl), blond beer (water, GERSTEMOUT, suiker, hop, champagnegist)

Allergie informatie: Bevat, tarwe, gist. Wordt verwerkt in een omgeving waar allergenen aanwezig zijn. Kan sporen van andere allergenen bevatten.

Bar size 50gg



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