Milk Chocolate 50% Ecuador (single origin) 50g

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Milk chocolate made with 50% cocoa from Ecuador, Hacienda Limon. Delicious bean to bar chocolate made only with cocoa beans, cocoa butter, full fat milk powder and sugar. 50g bar.
Cocoa Information
A true Ecuadorian treasure, grown in the Cotopaxi province, near the majestic Cotopaxi volcano.  The rich volcanic soil and their commitment to sustainable practices make up the recipe for this cacao.
But it’s not just about cacao; it’s about rehabilitating nature.  They’re proud to restore their land, foster biodiversity, and reduce their carbon footprint.
Origin: Quevedo, Cotopaxi
Harvest year: 2023
Certification(s): Organic and UTZ

Ingredients: Cocoa beans (Ecuador Hacienda Limon), cocoa butter (Ecuador), milk powder (NL), sugar (NL).

Allergy Information: Contains milk. Made in and area where allergens are present, may contain traces of other allergens.

Ingrediënten: Cacao bonen (Ecuador), cacao boter (Ecuador), melk poeder (NL), suiker (NL). Allergie informatie: Bevat melk. Wordt verwerkt in een omgeving waar allergenen aanwezig zijn. Kan sporen van allergenen bevatten.


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