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Welcome to Faraway Garden

British cakes, bakes and conserves all made here in South Holland, Hellevoetsluis!

Homemade jams, conserves, pickles, chutneys, cakes, pies, sweets and more. As much fresh produce as possible comes from my allotment in Hellevoetsluis where all my herbs, fruit and vegetables are grown lovingly and organically.

I cook all my old favourite recipes with as little sugar as possible using treasured family recipes from where I grew up in the north of England. If there is something you would like to order, but it is not on the list, ask away! I love to try out new things so I’m sure we can figure something out together.

The webshop is currently under construction but feel free to have a browse.

See you soon @ Faraway!

Michelle van Schaick

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Hopse Waard

Volgend weekend is de FUDGE weer verkrijgbaar! En op een heel bijzondere locatie ook! Op 12 oktober kunt u een kijkje nemen op 3 mooie bedrijven in de hoeksche waard, waar ook van alles te beleven is! 🐮🌿🥛🍎🍐

PS Wist u dat de Traditionele Fudge en Dairy Toffee gemaakt is van de melk van deze dames hieronder? Ja, van Melkveebedrijf Commijs! Kijk op VVV Hoeksche Waard voor meer informatie over dit evenement!

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Green Tomato Tart

This week I have cleared away the tomato plants from the allotment. This always marks the end of the season for me. The green tomatoes that were left I have made a nice chutney with. Then I saw this recipe on the internet and just had to try it!
Its a little bit like eating a mix between an apple pie and a sweet mince pie. I’m pretty sure its amazing with custard or a dollop of cream but I enjoyed it fresh and warm from the oven….. its an unexpectedly delicious autumn pie 😋😋

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Ik ben helemaal weg van deze muurschilderij op de Natuur Speeltuin Hellevoetsluis door Lotte Boers en Vera Den Adel! Studenten van kunstenares Elma Van ‘t Hof wat hebben jullie dit mooi geverfd. Ik vond het een eer om voor jullie te mogen bakken!

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Cakes met Groenten

Chocolate Courgette Cake with Chocolate Fudge topping…

One of the best things about having an allotment is that I get to experiment a lot with edible flowers, fruits and vegetables. Courgette is delicious in cake and I love the fact that it is the main ingredient in this recipe!

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Huisgeld! This gorgeous pink and purple bean is the only bean I sow at the allotment (and if you are wondering why I dont sow any more its simply because we can’t face to eat anymore after the first two years of huge yields 🤢🤣).
The kids harvest them and use the beans as ‘house money’. They are very serious about it too! Its a real currency in our house and they use it to haggle with (“No way I wanna watch YouTube on telly today”
“2 pink beans and a purple one and we can watch what you like”…..)
💕💕Good Times 😄💕

Have a great weekend everyone 💕

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Wijngaard de Vierambachten

Het is inmiddels een week geleden sinds ik een weekend bij Wijngaard de Vierambachten met mijn producten stond. Wat is dit een mooie locatie! De sfeer was relaxed en prettig, er waren leuke kraampjes en een hele groep van lieve mensen en lekkere wijnen. Zeker voor de herhaling vatbaar!

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Pickled Onions

Trial for next season: Pickled onions! I had a lot of onions in the allotment that were small and didnt grow that big. I do miss a good pickled onion over here so I thought I’d give it a try!😄 Made with malt vinegar from sunny England. It has to sit for a month before I can try it but it already smells and looks very tasty indeed 😋